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28 May 2010 @ 02:13 am
Iron Man 2 (lol late to the party)  
Saw Iron Man 2 today. Wasn't overly impressed. It felt...messy. Overcrowded. Too much going on, too many new characters, too much sloppy writing. Love RDJ as usual, but even he seemed off in this one; probably the writing. All his good, charming scenes were in the trailer, though. And I'm mad as hell they cut the scene out with Pepper kissing his mask. That was like a selling point for me; cute and clever.

Gwynenth Paltrow was significantly less spunky than last time, and instead settled for being rather useless and lol STUPID. Who notices at a mech arm TICKING AND FLASHING LIKE A TIME BOMB and just stares at it with a HURRR o.O expression on their face? No one with a brain, that's who. But she's just a woman, there to be saved, so what else could we expect?

Ahhh, I kind of hate Scarlett Johansson anyway, and she's still just as bad an actress as I remember, and her fight scenes were shit. Badly choreographed and physically impossible. And the Black Widow didn't really need to be in this movie anyway, she didn't play an overly active part, so they just had to shoehorn some unnecessary scenes in there for her to act appropriately Black-Widow-ish and do the kick-ass-chick-thing. Utterly pointless.

But really, they just stuffed in pretty much everything having to do with SHIELD and the Avenger initiative to set up that movie, and probably other related movies in the works. I don't mind them setting up the Avengers thing, after all, it was a nice easter egg in the last movie, I just wish the could have done it with more finesse. But no, it was basically just Sam Jackson standing there shouting WE'RE MAKING AN AVENGERS MOVIE for like ten scenes.

I don't get what all the fuss is about Sam Rockwell here. I usually really like him, but his LOL QUIRKY performance was way off for this movie and the character. He wasn't Hammer, he was Sam Rockwell. He even did the Same Rockwell Dance. It's called ACTING, dude, you really should have tried some of that here.

Don Cheadle was disappointingly bland as Rhodey. I realize he wasn't given much to do, but neither was Terrance Howard, and he at least made his character interesting. War Machine here was absolutely no fun, no anything. He was just there.

Micky Rourke was awesome though. I actually liked his character. Isn't it a bad sign when you're a bit sad when the bad guy dies? He was the best part of the damn movie. Not to mention that his death was ridiculously anti-climactic. I mean, Jesus, I think Iron Man fought Iron Monger longer than this guy. Stupid.

And really, I can suspend my disbelief to the point of being downright gullible (no really, I actually bought Stark building a particle collider thing from scratch in his lab), but this movie had even me saying "LOL HOW CONVENIENT." Schematics for a new element hidden in an expo layout from the '70's that just happen to fall into Stark's lap just when he needs them, and just happen to fuel his reactor without killing him? Really? And SHIELD just happening to have a serum for reversing the negative side effects of his SUPER SECRET AND ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY? WOW YOU GUYS WERE HOLDING OUT.

Then there were little things, like the guards in Monaco just taking on faith that the guy who died in Rourke's jail cell was actually Rourke, despite having NONE of his tattoos, or, you know, MISSING HIS LEGS. I don't care how blown up his body was, I'm sure they at least found PIECES of him, none of which could possibly correspond with Rourke. Not to mention that I'm pretty sure at least some of the inmates SAW HIM LEAVE. And Rourke building a robot army in what, weeks? Without ANYBODY IN A COMPANY FULL OF SCIENTISTS KNOWING? And the Black Widow just randomly being able to understand GENIUS Whiplash's software to reboot Rhodey's system? It was all just sloppy as hell.

There weren't very many good funny lines here, either. Most were just painfully cheesy, or clumsy. Love how Stark named Rhodey War Machine. NOT AWKWARD AT ALL MAN. Pepper and Tony's bickering wasn't cute or as funny as it should have been, just sort of shrill and nagging. Blah.

It wasn't a terrible movie, but it was sloppy, sloppy, sloppy, and very diappointing, not to mention a waste of talent and a good lead-in movie. Here's hoping the next one's better.
Shiori: ARGH!!missdeep on May 28th, 2010 08:15 am (UTC)
I think you summed it up nicely by noting that it was sloppy and overcrowded - this is exactly how I felt about this film. Not to mention it was basically just a two hour Avengers trailer.

I really didn't like the way Pepper was portrayed in this film. While arguably Pepper has gone through some serious writer!fail over the years, the current comic!Pepper is just so far removed from movie!Pepper that it's difficult to compare them. comic!Pepper would never chuck a little tantrum and whine about OMG HOW HARD IT IS TO RUN THE COMPANY AND OMG IT'S SO STRESSFUL OH TONY. No, comic!Pepper would run the whole fucking company then go save Tony's ass after dinner because she's so damn good at keeping people safe and out of trouble, that's her entire theme as a superhero (Rescue). The very idea of Pepper have a mini-meltdown and being all OMG TONY~ like that is just... it's insulting.

Not to mention Black Widow. God, Black Widow is one of the most amazing women in Marvel yet here she is all soulless and hollow as window-dressing to masculine plotlines. OF COURSE. Widow understanding Burdlash's software makes sense if you know her full background as a comic character, but none of that is established in this film. You learn nothing about her except that she's an object for Tony to ogle who can smack a few guys in the head when she has to.

AND YES, THANK YOU, THIS FILM JUST.WASN'T.FUNNY. The first one had plenty of laughs and there was some authenticity to Pepper and Tony's relationship. In this the whole thing was hollow, shrill and downright lame.

I kind of just perved on Sam Rockwell doing some combination of a Sam Rockwell/Gary Oldman in The Fifth Element impression. He was such an over-the-top douchebag with no real direction that even looking at his pretty face wasn't exactly a great experience.

OH GOD AND I'M SORRY BUT THE AVENGERS THING HERE WAS SO FUCKING BLATANT, OVERDONE AND A WASTE OF HALF A FREAKING MOVIE. I paid money to see Iron Man, not just some giant ad for a movie I will not be able to stomach watching if fuckface Whedon is attached anyway. I like Samuel L. Jackson but he doesn't embody Nick Fury for me and the idea of him playing the character in up to /NINE MOVIES/ makes me want to sob on the floor. The only thing that will make a S.H.I.E.L.D. movie watchable is if we get a damn Abigail Brand cameo.

/my opinions let me show you them

Edited at 2010-05-28 08:18 am (UTC)
Jordy: not amusedendless_run on May 29th, 2010 01:10 am (UTC)
Yeah, Pepper was a big diappointment. I mean, I'm not familiar with Marvel comics or characters *at all*, but even just from the first film, and her standard character profile, she didn't live up. Not to harp, but I was really like "w-WHAT?" when she stood there and just stared at the droid's body beeping. I mean, you know why - so that Tony could rescue her, even though he really had NO REASON to believe she was in any immediate danger - but just the fact that they had her be THAT stupid, for the sake of Tony's rescue was just UGH. The car thing, too, in the attack by Vankov(?) She just sat there and screamed and took forever to hand over the goddamn suit, like a useless damsel. Just UGH.

Soulless and hollow and an object for Tony to oogle just about sums it up. I was kind of expecting them to bring her in so they could introduce some sort of love triangle, but they didn't even do that. She literally had no role in this except to just stand there and look pretty :/ It's like, why even bring in a name character like the Black Widow if you're not really going to use her? (I don't count her little Hammer building run as use, since that was essentially pointless -_-;).

Yeah. Seriously, like the few funny scenes were in the trailer or NOT IN THE MOVIE AT ALL. You know that scene in the trailer with Tony and Pepper before he jumps out of the plane where she kisses his mask and stuff? That was cute and funny and charming and NOT IN THE GODDAMN MOVIE, WHY? Leaving it out shaved all of like two minutes off, I honestly don't get that. Although another thing I noticed was that the editing in general was just abrupt and weird. A lot of the scenes didn't flow together at all.

lol I usually don't mind Sam but yeah, no direction and unfocused :/ He can do better than that.

LOLOL IKR? Aw, I like Whedon, although I've never read any of his Marvel stuff so yeah. But his movie track record in general isn't great :/ Haha, you know, even Sam was off in this damn movie, and Sam is never off. I mean Jesus, he was even campily enjoyable in the Spirit, and that was shit. But yeah, I'm not familiar with these characters so all I know is Sam Jackson > David Hasselhoff. x3 Avengers movie scares me though, there's a reason they don't make ensemble big-name superhero movies; I can just see it ending up like a giant sloppy clumsy clusterfuck like ten times worse than this. BUT WE SHALL SEE.