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25 August 2010 @ 02:50 am
On Geeky Movies  
So I finally got around to watching Kick-Ass last week, and went tonight on a girl's night out for my b-day to see Scott Pilgrim. After hearing so many great things about both, I wonder if I'm just way too hard to please in the movie department?

I'd heard Kick-Ass was violent, but I didn't expect it to be as violent as it was, or to be so bothered by watching a little girl cause some horrific damage. I mean, her stunts were great, her fight scenes were some of the coolest I've seen in a while just for the acrobatics involved. But watching her dismember and crush and kill people with such a cheerful smile was unexpectedly difficult, and I was glad when her father died. He did a horrible thing by her, and I was glad he didn't get to ride off into sunset for it.

I guess some of the brutality was necessary though, to show a relatively realistic depiction of ordinary people playing superhero. I was glad that Kick-Ass fairly regularly got the snot beat out of him. It's definitely not something you see much in superhero movies.

Aside from Hit Girl, though, I noticed the female characters were pretty disposable. Especially the love interest. 'Oh, you lied to me for weeks about being gay and then climb into my bedroom uninvited in the middle of the night? That's so sweet, let's have sex! Also, apparently I'm suddenly a nymphomaniac for you.'

Anyway, I guess it was all right as a whole, and the ending was decent. But wow I guess I'm more of a violence prude than I thought xD

Scott Pilgrim was...okay. I mean, I really should have been more satisfied than I was with it, there were some really entertaining fight scenes, and all the visual effects were really cool. The cousins I went to see it with loved it, and they're both way less into geeky stuff than me. And again, I really, really liked the fight scenes - the style was great and I loved the exaggerated speed and strength and abilities involved. Very anime. The start to Ramona and her ex-girlfriend's fight was probably the coolest scene in the movie.

But there was something missing for me. Maybe the humor? I found myself forcing more laughs than I should have, because there were things that were great as far as concepts go, but...I wasn't as genuinely amused as I should have been, I think. Maybe I'm just not geeky enough for it, or maybe it comes across better in the comic? And Michael Cera wasn't bad, even if Scott himself was kind of a douche. Really liked Wallace and Knives, though :3

Anyway, it did a good job of making me want to know more, and possibly read the comics, so yay to that.
Jade is Awesomemiserychick2602 on August 29th, 2010 08:12 am (UTC)
I saw Scott Pilgram last night and totally agree with your assessment. I found myself forcing laughs.